Short walk reversion 1.1

Still struggling with tech issues related to interfacing with new version of WordPress.

Until I can resolve this, I am suspending my usual weekly posts, though I will occasionally produce a brief and crudely fashioned post such as this one.

In the meantime, I invite you to scroll through nearly three years of previous posts (simply scroll down from here, or see the monthly archives and search box located in the right-hand side of this page).

You will find hundreds of links to reviews, releases, free reads, and more—all of them about short mystery and crime fiction.

For starters, check out Short walk #73 in the October 2019 archive, which includes three free-to-read Continental Op stories by the legendary Dashiell Hammett.

I also recommend the blog of The Short Mystery Fiction Society, which is updated frequently and includes links to news, views, and stories by SMFS members.

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Short walk version 1.0

Struggling with some tech issues so this week, and perhaps future weeks, will be only an abbreviated version of a typical post.

Review: The Traveller and Other Stories is a collection of violent and terrifying Irish noir stories.

The ins-and-outs of writing a scene.

“The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds” is free-to-read hardboiled private eye story by award-winning SF&F and Horror author Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman

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PS – Breaking news! The members of the Short Mystery Fiction Society voted to make self-published stories eligible for the long-running Derringer Awards for short mystery and crime fiction.

SMFS is free to join for mystery writers, readers, editors, publishers, reviewers, bloggers—anyone who enjoys mystery fiction.