Short walk #117

This week’s links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample

I couldn’t see the full reflection of my face; my features were obscured by the vapors of death on the mirror, resembling the death in the city, and resembling the scent of yesterday’s passersby. From “Scent of a Woman, Scent of a City” by Alawiya Sobh (in Beirut Noir, ed. Iman Humaydan, Akashic Books, 2015).

Point of view

Review: Bloody Scotland is a crime anthology of stories featuring iconic Scottish sites and structures in historical and current settings, all written by well-known Scottish authors.

New releases, old releases

Vintage Crime (complied in August 2020) is an anthology from Britain’s Crime Writers’ Association, celebrating CWA members’ work over the years.

Ellery Queen’s Japanese Golden Dozen: The Detective Story World in Japan is an anthology of stories selected and edited by Frederic Dannay (aka “Ellery Queen”) that was first compiled in 1978. For a review see the Point of View section of Short walk #61.

Tricks of the trade

A devotee of “rejectomancy” (the arcane practice of divining hidden meaning from rejection letters) analyzes whether a series of rejections from the same market indicate your writing style isn’t right for that market. Check the comments for an insightful observation from short fiction guru Michael Bracken.

Free reads

“The Gangster’s Game” by Steven Berry at All Due Respect.

The Hula Hula Boys in “Headless Ticket to Hawai’i” by Thomas Pluck at Beat to a Pulp.

Check my shorts, please

My crime-suspense story “Murderous Lies” is a free-to-listen podcast from King’s River Life Magazine. The story was originally published in Suspense Magazine in 2013.

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