Short walk #106

This week’s links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample:

O’Conner crossed his arms before his face as the blast from the shotgun knocked him down. From “The Heist” by Gary Phillips and Richard Brewer (in Culprits: The Heist Was Just the Beginning, eds. Brewer and Phillips. Polis Books 2018).

Point of view:

Links to five reviews by Short Mystery Fiction Society President Kevin Tipple:

“The Imposter” is a Mike Bowditch short story by Paul Doiron and a fast, fun read.

Sordid is a five-story crime collection by Harry Hunsicker that is graphic, violent, and a very good read.

The Spring 2020 issue of Flash Bang Mysteries (online, free to read, see link at review site) includes four quick, good reads.

The February 2020 issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine is a quality issue withinteresting characters, complex mysteries, and lots going on.

“The Case of the Nameless Diablo” is an entertaining cozy-style private eye story.

New releases, old releases:

The latest issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine (June 2020), includes my You-Solve-It mystery “Gallery Thief” – solution will appear in July issue).

And on the Mystery Weekly website you can read free samples of new and old stories by clicking the links to Recent Published Stories. You can also sign up to have free stories emailed to you.

Tricks of the Trade:

Two essays for mystery writers on hiding clues, here and here. And for two more see Short walks #32and #71.

Free Reads:

The short story archives of the Crime Readers’ Association includes about a gazillion free reads, all written by members of the prestigious Crime Writers’ Association (which sponsors the CWA Dagger Awards).

Check my shorts, please:

My You-Solve-It mystery “Gallery Thief” appears in the latest issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine (June 2020, solution will appear in the July issue).

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