Short walk #104

This week’s links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample:

When the burglar turned his eyes on Archer Trebizond his heart fluttered and fluttered again, first at the mere fact of discovery, then at his own discovery of the gleaming revolver in Trebizond’s hand. From “A Bad Night for Burglars” by Lawrence Block (in The Burglar in Short Order [Bernie Rhodenbarr collection], independently published. Collected in 2020. Story originally appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine in 1977.)

Point of view:

Review: Deadly Anniversaries is a mystery anthology commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Mystery Writers of America.

Review: Die Once–Die Twice is a collection of previously unpublished stories by paperback-era noir author Gil Brewer.

Review: The Beat of Black Wings is an anthology of crime fiction inspired by the songs of Joni Mitchell.

New releases, old releases:

Berkeley Noir (May 2020) is the latest release in the long-running anthology series from Akashic Books.

For reviews of previous anthologies in this series, see the Point of View sections in Short Walk#55, #67, and #90.

For free stories from the series, see the Free Reads sections of Short Walk #71, #92, #97, and #100.

Tricks of the Trade:

One of the editors at All Due Respect riffs about writing short crime stories, with notes on characters, plot, action, and focus. (ADR is open for submissions too. Check out the details here.)

Free Reads:

“On the Edge” by Sharon Diane King at All Due Respect.

“Against the Grain” by Rob McClure Smith at Tough.

Check my shorts, please:

My story “Ten-Spot Robber” appeared in the anthology Hardboiled.

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