Short walk #102

This week’s links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample:

According to the statistics, a town the size of Totterbridge can expect to have only one really interesting murder every fifteen years. From “A Gross Miscarriage of Justice” by Joyce Porter (in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, May/June 2020, ed. Linda Landrigan, Dell Magazines. Published in AHMM Mystery Classic section, story copyright 1978.)

Point of view:

Review: Broken is a new collection of six Don Winslow novellas.

New releases, old releases:

Fighters of Fear: Occult Detective Stories (2020) is an anthology that mixes detective tales with weird or supernatural fiction.

The First Prehistoric Serial Killer and Other Stories (2018) is a zany story collection by Teresa Solana. For two reviews, see the Point of View section in Short walk #47.

Tricks of the Trade:

Hank Phillippi Ryan on making every word count.

Free Reads:

Four free to read stories in the new issue of Flash Bang Mysteries.

Check my shorts, please:

My humorous private eye yarn “The Belle Hope” appeared in the anthology Malice Domestic 13: Mystery Most Geographical.

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