Short walk #92

This week’s links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample:

Virginia always remembered when the third child disappeared. From “Ding Dong Bell” by Ariel Dodson (in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Department of First Stories, March/April 2020, ed. Janet Hutchings, Dell Magazines).

Point of view:

Robert Lopresti reviews a James Lee Burke story from The Strand Magazine and Gerald So covers one from the new issue of EQMM,here and here.

New releases, old releases:

New issues of EQMM and AHMM.

Staten Island Noir (2012). See the Free Reads section below for a free story from this anthology. For a review see the Point of View section in Short walk #90.

Tricks of the Trade:

A Michael Bracken essay on writing and selling shorts.

Free Reads:

“A User’s Guide to Keeping Your Kills Fresh” by Ted Anthony (from Staten Island Noir).

“Lido Winter” by Maxim Jakubowski (from Venice Noir).

Check my shorts, please:

My flash piece “The Interrogation” appeared in the March 2016 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine as the story that won the AHMM Monthly Mysterious Photograph Contest.

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Peter DiChellis