Short walk #81

Weekly links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample:

Detective Lieutenant Dan Barker, L.A.P.D., felt no compulsion to stare at the body on the bed of the seedy Skid Row lodging house. From “Screwball Division” by Anthony Boucher (in Exeunt Murderers: The Best Mystery Stories of Anthony Boucher, eds. Nevins and Greenberg. Southern Illinois University Press; 1st edition collected in 1983. Ebook from Road, 2019).

Point of view:

Reviews: Kevin Tipple covers the August issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine, cover to cover and reviews a standalone Joe Gunther short by Archer Mayer.

New releases, old releases:

Mystery Tribune #11, print edition, is hot off the presses.

Mystery Weekly Magazine (December 2019) arrived like clockwork.

And on the Mystery Weekly website you can read free samples of new and old stories by clicking the links to Recent Published Stories. You can also sign up to have free stories emailed to you.

Tricks of the Trade:

The inside story on the current status of Occult Detective Quarterly (now Occult Detective Magazine).

Free Reads:

Twenty free stories and novella excerpts, courtesy of The Strand Magazine.

Check my shorts, please:

The solution to my impossible crime You-Solve-It “Disappearing Diamonds” appears in the latest issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine (story in November issue).

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