Short walk #59

Weekly links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample:

I sat on a hard bench in a police cell with my head in my hands, the smell of vomit and bleach up my nose and regret thundering around my brain. From “Tingo” by Tony Fisher (in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Department of First Stories, July/August 2019, ed. Janet Hutchings, Dell Magazines).

Point of view:

Review: Vicki Weisfeld (crime fiction lover) spends time with A Time For Violence: Stories With an Edge.

Reviews: Ben Boulden (Mystery Scene) and Kristopher Zgorski (BOLO Books) go for Murder-A-Go-Go’s.

New releases, old releases:

July’s monthly issue of Mystery Weekly arrived like clockwork, paperback and Kindle. And on the Mystery Weekly website you can read free story samples, new and old, by clicking the links in the list of Recent Published Stories, and also sign up for free stories via email.

The Anthology of Cozy-Noir: Mystery stories with an edge (2014).

Tricks of the Trade:

An NCIS intelligence analyst reveals how criminals use “diversion safes” and “secret compartments” to hide contraband (published in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin).

Free Reads:

“Pure Southern” By James Robert Smith and “Moose Season” by Joseph Tomaras at The Big Click (now defunct).

Check my shorts, please:

My humorous crime romp “Rolling Lucky” is free to read at The Norwegian American newspaper’s website.

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