Short walk #35

This week’s links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample:

The entire melee lasted less than ten minutes and left the Quarryville Smokehouse riddled with bullet holes and every biker dead or dying. From “Smoked” by Michael Bracken (in The Best American Mystery Stories, 2018, eds. Penny and Penzler. Mariner Books Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018. Story originally appeared in Noir at the Salad Bar). **See footnote.

Point of view:

Ben Boulden (Gravetapping blog and Mystery Scene Magazine) names his six favorite mystery and crime stories of 2018.

Reviewing the Evidence reviews Death Do Us Part, ed. Harlan Coben (2006).

New releases, old releases:

Lethal ladies found here: The long-awaited paperback edition of Switchblade: Stiletto Heeled.

No artificial ingredients. The (Original) Adventures of Ford Fairlane: The Long Lost Rock n’ Roll Detective Stories.

Writing desk:

Everything you ever wanted to know about creating angry characters.

Free zine:

Pop! Pop! Pop open the brand new issue of Flash Bang Mysteries for five free stories.

Check my shorts, please:

My story “Ten-Spot Robber” appears in the anthology Hardboiled (paperback and Kindle, included in free-to-read Kindle Unlimited program).

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Peter DiChellis

** Beginning with Short walk #32 the blog will short-sample every story from the exceptional anthology The Best American Mystery Stories 2018, proceeding alphabetically through the Table of Contents until all twenty authors and stories in the volume have been included. Links will be provided to both the BAMS 2018 anthology and story’s original publisher.