Short walk #32

Weekly links to what’s fresh, what’s famous, and what’s fiendish in short mystery and crime fiction.

Short sample:

A prickle of terror climbed the back of his neck. From “Banana Triangle Six” by Louis Bayard (in The Best American Mystery Stories, 2018, eds. Penny and Penzler. Mariner Books Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018. Story originally appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine). **See footnote.

Point of view:

Kevin Tipple’s review covers the July issue of Mystery Weekly, cover to cover. (Includes my story “Locked Tight.” For Kevin’s reviews of the February through June issues, see Short walk #2, #25, and #29 in the May, November, and December archives.)

145 mystery readers give the star treatment to Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories by Agatha Christie (collected in 2012).

New releases, old releases:

Check your mailbox, your local newsstand, and the AHMM and EQMM websites. January/February double issues (and online sneak peaks and excerpts) are ready to read.

From Wildside Press: Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #26.

Writing desk:

What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach Writers About Clues (in The Strand Magazine).

Free zine:

Three from Trigger Warning: Short Fiction With Pictures. “Honeymoon Sweet” by Craig Faustus Buck, “The Last Walk of Filips Finks” by William Burton McCormick, and “The Bank Job” by Stephen D. Rogers.

Check my shorts, please:

My jailhouse whodunit-howdunit “Locked Tight” appeared in Mystery Weekly Magazine in July. You can read a free excerpt on the Mystery Weekly website and, in addition to Kevin Tipple’s review (linked above), a review from Catherine Dilts.

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Peter DiChellis

** Beginning with Short walk #32 the blog will short-sample every story in the exceptional anthology The Best American Mystery Stories 2018, proceeding alphabetically through the Table of Contents until all twenty authors and stories in the volume have been included. Links will be provided to both the BAMS 2018 anthology and the original publisher of the story.